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Previous Meetings: update
== Previous Meetings ==
""Tuesday, 13 September, 2011 10-11.20ish at [ Arlington Public Library Central Branch] in Arlington, VA""
With representatives present from Public, Academic, and Special Libraries, this looked to be a great start to rejuvenating the Chapter. (School Librarians, come out and play!) We had a great discussion about Linked Data. We reaffirmed that we'll hold quarterly meetings, and that doing so regularly will help keep things rolling. We hope to have diverse subjects to explore to keep everyone's interest. The Martin Luther King Library in the District would like help with [ Library Lab DC] if anyone would like to participate in that endeavour. This is also a wonderful place to go if you're looking for spot to house open collaboration. Agenda 10 - Noon Main MeetingIntroductionsDiscussion of current venue.Shameless plug for ( Fall for the Book)Hash out possibilities of other venues.Is the frequency right? Will quarterly meetings still work?Is the Chapter's problem indicative of fragmented general regional Library collaboration?Update on the wider code{4}lib communityDiscuss and invite folks to get involved with Library Lab DC at the DCPLRequests, ideas, and volunteers for topics for future gatheringsGovernance (do we want any?)12:15–1:30 LunchThere are a whole bunch of lunch spots near the Library.

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