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2012 talks proposals

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In this talk I would like to bring the perspective of an "outsider" (although an avowed IT insider) to let you know that people don't understand the full scope of the library. As we "rethink education", it is incumbent upon us to help educate our institutions as to the scope of the library. I will present some of the tactics I'm employing to help people outside, and in some cases inside, the library to understand our size and the value we bring to the institution.
==Building a URL Management Module using the Concrete5 Package Architecture==
* David Uspal, Villanova University,
Keeping track of URLs utilized across a large website such as a university library, and keeping that content up to date for subject and course guides, can be a pain, and as an open source shop, we’d like to have open source solution for this issue. For this talk, I intend to detail our solution to this issue by walking step-by-step through the building process for our URL Management module -- including why a new solution was necessary; a quick rundown of our CMS ([ Concrete5], a CMS that isn’t Drupal); utilizing the Concrete5 APIs to isolate our solution from core code (to avoid complications caused by core updates); how our solution was integrated into the CMS architecture for easy installation; and our future plans on the project.

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