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2012 talks proposals

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* An intuitive approach for mixing dynamic and static rank that is more effective than simple adding or multiplying.
* A way of equating disparate static metadata types that leads to understandable results ordering.
==Submitting Digitized Book-like things to the Internet Archive==
* Joel Richard, Smithsonian Insitution Libraries,
The Smithsonian Libraries has submitted thousands of out-of-copyright items to the Internet Archive over the years. Specifically in relation to the Biodiversity Heritage Library, we have developed an in-house boutique scanning and upload process that became a learning experience in automated uploading to the Archive. As part of the software development, we created a whitepaper that details the combined learning experiences of the Smithsonian Libraries and the Missouri Botanical Garden. We will discuss some of the the contents of this whitepaper in the context of our scanning process and the manner in which we upload items to the Archive.
Our talk will include a dicussion of the types of files and their formats used by the Archive, processes that the Archive performs on uploaded items, ways of interacting and affecting those processes, potential pitfalls and solutions that you may encounter when uploading, and tools that the Archive provides to help monitor and manage your uploaded documents.
Finally, we'll wrap up with a brief summary of how to use things that are on the Internet Archive in your own websites.

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