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2012 talks proposals

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Finally, we'll wrap up with a brief summary of how to use things that are on the Internet Archive in your own websites.
== Meeting the Challenge: Developing iPhone and Mobile Web for an Academic Library ==
* Sarah G. Park, Northwest Missouri State University,
Are you thinking of developing a library interface for mobile devices such as iPhone and Android?
B.D. Owens Library released a locally developed iPhone App for the library in January 2011, then a mobile web site subsequently a month later. The iPhone App consists of library catalog, union catalog, account management, library hours, and library news.
During the presentation, I will talk about our experience of developing an iPhone app and a mobile site. I will also discuss platform decisions, design decisions, architecture for the catalog interface, academic value, marketing value, and lessons learned from our experiences. The following questions will be answered:
Why an iPhone App was chosen to be developed prior to a mobile web or an Android App
How the catalog interface for the App and mobile was developed
What's the value of developing or having an App for the library

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