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2012 talks proposals

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Your Catalog in Linked Data
* Tom Johnson, Oregon State University Libraries,
Linked Library Data activity over the last year has seen bibliographicdata sets and vocabularies proliferating from traditional librarysources. We've reached a point where regular libraries don't have togo it alone to be on the Semantic Web--there's a quickly growing poolof things we can actually *''link to*''. Everyday Regular libraries can see theirexisting data enriched by participating.
This is quick and dirty road to getting your catalog onto the LinkedData web. The talk take you from start to finish, using Free Softwaretools to establish a namespace, put up a SPARQL endpoint, make a simple datamodel, converting convert MARC records to RDF, and link them up the results to majorexisting data sets (skipping conveniently over pesky processing time).
A small amount of "why linked data?" content will be covered, butthe primary goal is to leave you able to reproduce the process andstart linking your catalog into the web of data. Appropriatedocumentation will be on the web.
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