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2012 talks proposals

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DMPTool: Guidance and Resources for your data management plan
* Marisa Strong, California Digital Libary,
A number of U.S. funding agencies such as the National Science Foundation require researchers to supply detailed, cost-effective plans for managing research data, called Data Management Plans. To help researchers with this requirement, several organizations such as the California Digital Library, University of Illinois, University of Virginia, Smithsonian Institution, the DataONE consortium and the (UK) Digital Curation CentreCDL) along with several organizations, came together to develop the DMPTool. The goal of the DMPTool is to provide researchers with guidance, links to resources and help with writing data management plans.
This The tool presents the requirements specific to the a funding agency they are applying for along with detailed help with each sectionin a wizard-style interface. Users can create a plan, edit, preview it, and export it in a plan into various formats, and make it freely accessible for others to read. Users who are members of participating institutions will benefit from specific help for each section, suggested answers, and resources for management of their data, all specific to their institution. Institutions can also announce events, workshops, and data management information via the DMPTool blog available from within the tool.
This open-source , Ruby on Rails software tool is hosted on a SLES VM by CDL. The tool is integrated with federated login using Shibboleth , federated single sign-on software, which allows users to login via their home institutions. It is a Ruby/Rails application hosted on a SLES VM. We had a geographically distributed development team sharing code on Bitbucket.
This talk will demo the features of the application as well as highlight the agile development practices and infrastructure methods used in building to successfully design and build the applicationon an aggressive schedule.
== Lies, Damned Lies, and Lines of Code Per Day ==

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