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2012 talks proposals

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This open-source, Ruby on Rails software tool is hosted on a SLES VM by CDL. The tool is integrated with Shibboleth, federated single sign-on software, which allows users to login via their home institutions. We had a geographically distributed development team sharing their code on Bitbucket.
This talk will demo features of the application, the Shibboleth login architecture, as well as highlight the agile development practices and methods used to successfully design and build the application on an aggressive schedule.
== The Islandora Open Source Framework for Digital Asset Management ==
* Keith Folsom, Orbis Cascade Alliance,
Managing digital content is a challenging task—becoming even more so
as the volumes and types of content increase at what seems an exponential
rate. Though there are good commercial management systems available,
having competing and potentially more configurable open source options is ideal.
One such option is Islandora—an open source framework that wraps a Drupal
front-end around the Fedora digital object management and storage system.
My talk will serve as an introduction to the Islandora framework—including a
discussion of Fedora’s digital object model and content model architecture;
how Islandora exposes the power of Fedora for storage, discovery, and retrieval
of data; and the wide variety of underlying open source software and technology
that enables the system. I will also give a quick tour of a stock Islandora
installation and provide tips on navigating the documentation for set-up and
use of this powerful framework.
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