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2012 talks proposals

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To invite more casual browsing and easier discovery of our collections, the University of Idaho Library's Digital Initiatives department designed a scalable and modular interface for all of our collections with an increased emphasis on the time, location, and larger display of our images and other digital items. To do so, we used free and easy-to-use Javascript libraries and online applications (including Jquery, Google Fusion Tables, Simile Timeline, ImageFlow, and, together with several, simple XSL stylesheets that utilize the metadata and persistent linking capabilities of the CONTENTdm database, to design a basic template with several browsing options (timeline, map, tag cloud, etc.) that can be used for any collection. This talk will detail the coding, methods, and metadata implemented for the redesign.
== saveMLAK: How Librarians, Curators, Archivists and Library Engineers Work Together with Semantic MediaWiki after the Great Earthquake of Japan ==
* Yuka Egusa, Senior Researcher of National Institute of Educational Policy Research,
* Makoto Okamoto, Chief Editor of Academic Resource Guide (ARG),
In March 11th 2011, the biggest earthquake and tsunami in the history attacked a large area of northern east region of Japan. A lot of people have worked together to save people in the area. For library community, a wiki named "savelibrary" was launched for sharing information on damages and rescues on the next day of the earthquake. Later then people from museum curators, archivists and community learning centers started similar projects. In April we joined to a project "saveMLAK", and launched a wiki site using Semantic MediaWiki under
As of November 2011, information on over 13,000 cultural organizations are posted on the site by 269 contributors since the launch. The gathered information are organized along with Wiki categories of each type of facilities such library, museum, school, etc. We have held eight edit-a-thons to encourage people to contribute to the wiki.
We will report our activity, how the libraries and museums were damaged and have been recovered with lots of efforts, and how we can do a new style of collaboration with MLAK community, Wiki and other voluntary communities at the crisis.
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