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2012 talks proposals

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Added proposal for Argo/DOR Services @ Stanford
Kuali Rice provides some of the fundamental underlying services for Kuali OLE and other Kuali software, services such as workflows, a service bus, integration with campus identity management, and more. In preparation for OLE, some partner libraries are developing their own simple Rice-base applications to provide some useful automation now while gaining experience that will prepare us for running Rice as part of OLE. This talk will give a brief overview of Kuali Rice and then discuss the construction of a real-but-simple Rice application.
== Argo and DOR Services: The developer and administrative interfaces to Stanford's Digital Object Registry ==
* Michael B. Klein, Library Infrastructure Engineer, Stanford University Libraries, mbklein at stanford dot edu
Argo is the administrative interface for Stanford's Digital Object Registry (DOR), the central repository of information about digital assets owned or managed by Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources (SULAIR). Built on Blacklight, with help from other pieces of the Hydra repository framework, Argo provides a top-down, source-independent, application-agnostic view of items working their way through various stages of registration, submission, description, digitization, accessioning, publication, shelving, and preservation.
Argo's functionality is provided through three separate layers:
* A traditional web application, which provides UI-based bulk and individual item registration, management, and reporting functions
* A web service, which provides RESTful access to several of the same functions
* A DOR services Ruby gem which opens most of this functionality to other Ruby code, from Rails applications to accessioning daemons to one-off scripts
This presentation will explore Argo's full stack, from the underlying DOR Services gem (encapsulating a number of other disparate library infrastructure functions) to its use by SULAIR developers, contractors, digitization lab staff, project managers, and SULAIR technical staff.
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