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2012 talks proposals

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Library News - A gathering place for library and tech news, and more
[ Library News] is gathering place for people to share and discuss news from the technology and library worlds. Think [ Hacker News], but for library dorks instead of startup dorks.
Library News is more than a news/and discussion site, it analyzes submitted links and shares its observations. The most basic form One example of this sharing occurs is, is exposure of popular blogs via an OPML file: Library News tracks submitted blog entries and tallies them up, creating a list of most popular blogs in the community. This most popular list is exposed as a browsable list and as an OPML download (This The OPML file can be loaded directly into an RSS reader and be used as a "starter pack" of popular blogs in the library and tech spaces).
My rough talk outline:
* Demo Library News
* Present how Library News goes beyond normal discussion sites (the tools that allow to explore community submitted links)
* Discuss where Library News fits with the current library news ecosystem

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