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C4L2010 social activities

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  ==Code4Lib 2010 social activities ==
== Asheville Brews Cruise ==
"Experience a taste of Asheville’s Ashevilles thriving local beer scene with an exclusive tour of three of our award-winning microbreweries." -
A big shout out to [ Talis] for stepping up and sponsoring a portion of this event. Our first stop on the cruise will be a brewery slash pizza joint and Talis has generously offered to pay for our pizza. Yay!
# Lori Stethers (token female)
# Carol Ou (beer enthusiast) - '''paid'''
# Cristóbal Cristbal Palmer (Reinheitsgebot skeptic)
# Tod Olson (enabler) - '''paid'''
# Mark Matienzo (alefounder) - '''paid'''
# Andrew Nagy
# Rosalyn Metz - '''paid'''
# Esmé Esm Cowles - '''paid'''
# Sean Hannan (Peer Pressured) - '''paid'''
# Scott Garrison (just made it by the froth of his beer?) - '''paid'''
* Peter Murray - 5
* Ross Singer - 5
* <span title="Esm&Atilde;&copy;">EsméEsm</span> Cowles - 4
* Matt Bachtell - 4
* Ryan Scherle - 2
# Ian Walls
# Benjamin Young (BBQ is a noun)
# Esmé Esm Cowles
# Tim Dennis
# Harry Kaplanian
# Chris Evjy (yo_bj - eat well for me) - I'll do my best -ce
(Jørn ThøgersenJrn Thgersen, Michael Poltorak Nielsen, Toke Eskildsen and Mads Villadsen removed due to snow/airplane incompatibility. We'll eat some pork rinds and think about you)
'''Sorry there is an 80 person limit for this event'''
just added- if you're a bit late to sign up, or want a later eating time, please join me.
[ Table] (“New American”New American) - Reservation @ 7:15 for 4. Meet in lobby @ 6:45.
# [Leader] Eric Hellman - v
# Harry Kaplanian - n
# Chuck Koscher - vn
# Antonio Barrera - v
# Esmé Esm Cowles - vn
# '''Full'''
[ Table] (“New American”New American) - Reservation @ 6:30 for 8. Meet in lobby @ 6:00.
# [Leader] Devon Smith - v (May be late due to flight delays. Look to Jonathan and/or Jean for leadership if I don't make it.)
# Anna Headley - n
[ Doc Chey’s Cheys Noodle House] (Asian)
# [Leader] Emily Lynema - v - don't do call ahead or reservations, so we'll just have to chance it with our name on the list
# Julia Bauder - n
=== About Werewolf ===
Werewolf (also known as Mafia) is a parlor game that has become <span class="plainlinks">[ the obsession of techie conferences everywhere-best-e-cigarette-brand <span style="color:black;font-weight:normal;text-decoration:none!important;background:none!important; text-decoration:none;">e cigarette brands</span>]. </span> At it's most basic, it's a game of information asymmetry -- a battle between an uninformed majority (the townspeople) and an informed minority (the werewolves who live and hunt among them). At its best, it's an off-the-wall paranoid screaming match. There are dozens of variations -- we'll start with the basics, and depending on everyone's stamina and desire to keep playing, save the tricky stuff for later. Hopefully by the end of the evening all the participants will be jibbering, jumpy, sleep-deprived lunatics incapable of trusting even their closest friends.
In other words, ''good times.''
* Andrew Darby (will be there, unless my flight is delayed)
* Julia Bauder -- tried to call to make reservations, and couldn't get through. I'm going to head over around 7:15; I'll hang around the hotel lobby for a bit before I do, if you want to meet up there. Look for the tiny chick with long red hair.
* Esmé Esm Cowles
===Belgian Beer===

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