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  • LibX is a browser plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer that provides direct access to you [[Category: Browser plugins]]
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  • ...amically. We will describe what we learned while wrangling multiple jQuery plugins, manipulating an ever-growing (and ever-slower) DOM, and dealing with unpre ...of these ideas may require capabilities that are not exposed to the mobile browser. Smart technical planning can help to make sound development decisions when
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  • HTML and JavaScript; I will describe how free utilities and web browser plugins may be combined to secure a public touchscreen kiosk; and I will present a
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  • ...exploit itself revolved around modifying the cookie, and then altering the browser’s permissions by assuming the role of another user. ...HTML/CSS chops to quickly build slick, interactive prototypes right in the browser -- tangible solutions which can be shared, evaluated, revised, and followed
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  • ...ll show advantages of storing data in blogs, showcasing techniques and new plugins developed at Drexel for easier data retrieval and reusability. The present ...he benefits and drawbacks to using WordPress as our CMS, then focus on the plugins we use and have written to overcome some of the pitfalls of using WordPress
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  • ...up your development time, normalize your code base, and avoid some common browser bugs. In this talk I will discuss when it is appropriate to use a framework We'll show you how Omeka works, and how to extend it with plugins and custom themes. Finally, we'll explore the possibilities for migrating a
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  • ...he basics we'll see the power of having video integrated into HTML and the browser. We'll look at how to interact with video (and other time-based media) via ...mull over techniques like mobile-first responsive web design, modular CSS, browser feature detection for progressive enhancement, and lots of nifty tricks.
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  • * The available plugins sourcing widely used authorities, such as Library of Congress thesauri and ...erent gallery styles. Plans are for it to allow integration with different plugins such as Fancybox and Masonry.
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  • |colspan="2"|It’s in your browser. Your operating system. Your phone. Your car. Your automated home assistant |style="font-weight: bold;"| Coding with Only Your Browser || Terry Brady
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