Umlaut SFX statistics gotchas

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WARNING: This is Outdated Documentation!!!!

THIS IS OUTDATED DOCUMENTATION See new Umlaut documentation at

Okay, there are a couple gotchas with your SFX statistics reports when you are using Umlaut. These are really problems/issues with any SFX API use, they are not unique to Umlaut.

If you're using Umlaut, all link resolver menu displays that go through Umlaut will make it to SFX as "API" requests. This has two consequences:

Include multi_obj_xml format

In your SFX report generation, you need to make sure to select "multi_obj_xml" under "Formats". The default is just having "html" selected here, but that means your report will only include browsers that went straight to SFX, it won't include any Umlaut requests. Selecting both "html" and "multi_obj_request" will give you both.

clickthrough statistics no longer valid

Extensive use of the SFX API completely messes up SFX "clickthrough" reports. Every single API request is recorded by SFX as both a "request" and a simultaneous "clickthrough" for every single target included in the menu generated.

This is not unique to Umlaut, it's true of any SFX API use. This means that if you are looking at format:multi_obj_xml in your report, clickthroughs are entirely unreliable, there is no easy way to get anything useful out of them. And if you're using Umlaut, then all (or nearly all) of your SFX use is multi_obj_xml, so you don't have reliable clickthrough stats.

The "request" stats, as opposed to "clickthrough" stats are, as far as I know, still reliable.

I have reported the bug with SFX API use and clickthrough statistics to Ex Libris, but they didn't seem very concerned about it. If we're lucky, it won't be a problem in SFX 4.0.