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What's this page

Making a page for links mentioned in talks. Sadly, started it halfway through conference and network is flaky, but will try to go back.

Tuesday, March 25

== Welcome to Code4Lib 2014 == Tim McGeary, Code4Lib 2014 Conference Co==Chair and Director of Library & Information Technology at UNC==Chapel Hill == Opening Keynote == Sumana Harihareswara == A Book, a Web Browser and a Tablet: How Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s Book Viewer Framework Makes it Possible == Engy Morsy == Quick and Easy Data Visualization with Google Visualization API and Google Chart Libraries == Bohyun Kim == WebSockets for Real==Time and Interactive Interfaces == Jason Ronallo == Personalize Your Google Analytics Data with Custom Events and Variables == Josh Wilson == Discovering your Discovery System in Real Time == Godmar Back and Annette Bailey == Lunch == Housekeeping == Structured Data NOW: seeding schema.org in library systems == Dan Scott == Next Generation Catalogue == RDF as a Basis for New Services == Anne==Lena Westrum, Benjamin Rokseth, Asgeir Rekkavik, and Petter Goksøyr Åsen == More Like This: Approaches to Recommending Related Items using Subject Headings == Kevin Beswick == Break (coffee and food) == Breakout Sessions I (no breakout report, but please select a recorder and post the report to the wiki) == Break (coffee) == Lightning Talks I == Daily Wrap==up == Tour of Hunt Library @ NCSU

Wednesday, March 26

== Registration/Breakfast == Announcements/Housekeeping == Visualizing Solr Search Results with D3.js for User==Friendly Navigation of Large Result Sets == Julia Bauder == Visualizing Library Resources as Networks == Matt Miller == We Are All Disabled! Universal Web Design Making Web Services Accessible for Everyone == Cynthia Ng == Dead-simple Video Content Management: Let Your Filesystem Do The Work == Andreas Orphanides


== Break (coffee) == Lightning Talks 2 == Lunch == Housekeeping == Bulding for others (and ourselves): the Avalon Media System Michael B. Klein and Julie Rudder == Sustaining your Open Source project through training == Bess Sadler and Mark Bussey == Behold Fedora 4: The Incredible Shrinking Repository! == Esmé Cowles == A reusable application to enable self deposit of complex objects into a digital preservation environment == Jill Sexton, Mike Daines, and Greg Jansen == Break (coffee) == Breakout Sessions 2 (no breakout report; but please select a recorder and post the report on the wiki) == Break (coffee and food) == Organic Free==Range API Development == Making Web Services That You Will Actually Want to Consume == Steve Meyer and Karen Coombs == Towards Pasta Code Nirvana: Using Javascript MVC to Fill Your Programming Ravioli == Bret Davidson == PhantomJS+Selenium: Easy Automated Testing of AJAX==y UIs == Martin Haye and Mark Redar == Queue Programming ==== how using job queues can make the Library coding world a better place == Birkin James Diana == Daily Wrap==up == Networking, dine around Thursday, March 27

== Registration/Breakfast == Announcements/Housekeeping == Closing Keynote == An Interview with Valerie Aurora == Break (coffee and food) == Lightning Talks 3 == Under the Hood of Hadoop Processing at OCLC Research == Roy Tennant == Lucene’s Latest (for Libraries) == Erik Hatcher == All Tiled Up == Mike Graves == Wrap up