C4L2011 registration

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Registration Page for Code4Lib 2011 (in Bloomington, IN)

Welcome to the registration for Code4Lib 2011! To register, follow the link below and fill out the necessary information on that form. You will want to have your credit card information ready as well as know whether you want to attend a preconference, what your t-shirt size is, whether you have any dietary requests, etc.

Registration Link - [https://www.confmanager.com/main.cfm?cid=2375]

If you are interested in attending a preconference, you might want to open another browser tab with the [http://wiki.code4lib.org/index.php/2011_Preconference_Proposals]. The cost for the conference is $130; attending the preconference session(s) costs an additional $15 for each half-day session. Our one full-day pre-conference, CURATEcamp Hackfest, is being sponsored by the Digital Library Federation and is open to the first 50 people to register for it at no-cost. {Thanks DLF!!!}.

Note: If you are a [conference presenter, preconference presenter], you will need to register by the above link and indicate that you are a conference presenter or pre-conference presenter (a complete list of all accepted presenters is listed here - [http://wiki.code4lib.org/index.php/2011_presenter_list]. We will hold a slot for you, your registration slot is guaranteed until December 23nd. If you are a scholarship recipient you will get a special code to register for the conference in a separate email.

Registration will open on December 13 at 12 PM EST. If you'd like to attend, please go to the [registration site] and register, once registration is full you can also add your name to the wait list. Often people have to cancel, and when they do, we will be filling their slots with people from the waiting list.

Don't forget, after you register, go ahead and book a room in the conference hotel. This will ensure you get to take advantage of our negotiated rate. A [] will be included in the email that is sent as your registration confirmation.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to ask questions on the conference planning list http://groups.google.com/group/code4libcon.

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you all in Bloomington, IN in February 2011!

Code4Lib 2011 Local Proposal Team

Robert H. McDonald, Associate Dean for Library Technologies and Digital Libraries

Chanitra Bishop, Emerging Technologies Librarian

Gary Charbonneau, Systems Librarian

Diane Dallis, Associate Dean for Library Academic Services

Jon Dunn, Director, Library Technologies and Digital Libraries

Mike Durbin, Infrastructure Programmer, DLP

Julie Hardesty, Usability Designer, DLP

Mary Popp, Discovery and User Experience Librarian

Dot Porter, Associate Director for Digital Library Content and Services

Vern Wilkins, Associate Director, Library Technology Core Services