Code4Lib Norcal 2015

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All details are tentative! We're still sketching out this event.
Lathrop 282 is in the south-east corner of the building on the second floor opposite the East Asia Library.
'''Parkingand Transportation''':
The closest parking to the event is on Memorial Way.
As with all Code4Lib eventsIf you take CalTrain, we will adhere to the [] shuttle bus (P-policy/blob/master/code_of_conductor Y- line) picks up from the CalTrain station and brings you onto campus near the  If you're coming from the Code of Conduct]East Bay, the Dumbarton Express or AC Transit's U Line drop you right next to the library.
'''Register''': Add your name, organization, and email to this wiki page
As with all Code4Lib events, we will adhere to [ the Code of Conduct].
== Attendees ==