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Notes from Open Source Discovery Portal Camp

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Authority control
=== Authority control ===
Can we get the LC authority control data, index it locally, and take advantage of that in our searching. Actually getting the authority index data is the problem. It's government created monitored data, so why can't we get access to it? We can get snapshots, but there's no method for harvesting it. We need some way to get weekly / monthly updates of authority data. EdSu might have set something up, but it isn't an official service.
Eric says go ahead and implement something, and don't worry about the update method right now. Can we get authority data? Does Open Library have any authority data? Bess will look into this.
Consensus seems to be that we need a proof of concept first, see how well that scales, and then after that start lobbying LC / OCLC / Palinet / other vendors.
(Interested in further development: YZYa'aqov, Daniel, Mark, Bess)
=== Dedupping / FRBR ===
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