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Notes from Open Source Discovery Portal Camp

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Serials holdings
=== Serials holdings ===
Marc format for holdings data (muff head?MFHD)
xISSN service might be helpful for this, too
Bibliographic records for serials should refer to each other.
How to represent this data for users? There's a summary holdings recordfield, a one-line display, and then there's a detailed holding display. There can be multiple screens of lines with this. Summary holdings are pretty easy, detail holdings are hard. Are they necessary?
Maybe we can handle this the way we're doing "composition era" in blacklight? If we know the range, we can assign values for all possible values of this range.
You can get an extract of all serial holdings from your Open URL database(SFX), harvest your journal holdings through that. Texas A&M is doing this w/ Ex LibrisSFX. This seems like an efficient way of getting detailed holdings. Indexing this might be helpful if you don't have marc records for all of your electronic holdings, and it also might help for knowing when you have full text online and when you don't.
(interested in further development: YZYa'aqov, Mark)
=== Federated Search / article content ===
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