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Code4Lib Journal WordPress Input Guidelines

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Bibliographies/Endnotes: added COinS generator
We would like to provide COinS information with every appropriate citation that does not have a publically accessible url.
* Recommended COinS generator:
* To enter COinS, one option is to use the WP COinS plugin. Open the Code tab, put the cursor before the citation, and click COinS. Enter the appropriate information. This works so-so for journals, and not at all for books.
* You can also use jrochkind's umlaut coins generator:
** journals:
* COinS should really always have an ISSN or ISBN.
* I have been inserting the string "(COinS)" inside the span tag, so the user without a browser extension will see that something is there she might be interested in. This might be better replaced with a link to a brief page we provide on what coins COinS can do for you and where to find a browser extension.
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