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Code4Lib Journal WordPress Input Guidelines

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Put all code in <code>&lt;pre&gt; </code> tags. jbrinley has also installed a neat  =====Code Highlighting===== If the code is in a supported language, we can do syntax highlighting plug-in. The jury is To make this work, you still out on if we like itwrap your code in <code>&lt;pre&gt;</code> tags. If we do like itInside of the <code>&lt;pre&gt;</code> tags, but around your code, then to use itinclude [sourcecode language='langcode']... directions needed[/sourcecode] Replace <code>langcode</code> with the appropriate code from the following list (if more than one option for a language, any one will work){|!Language!!Code|-|C++||cpp, c, c++|-|C#||c#, c-sharp, csharp|-|CSS||css|-|Delphi||delphi, pascal|-|Java||java|-|JavaScript||js, jscript, javascript|-|PHP||php|-|Python||py, python|-|Ruby||rb, ruby, rails, ror|-|SQL||sql|-|VB||vb,|-|XML/HTML||xml, html, xhtml, xslt|}
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