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OCLC Policy Change

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Cool! Yeah., == The Policy == * [http://www.mliveoclc.comorg/forumsworldcat/profilecatalog/policy/policy.ssf?nickname=celebritie75 celebrities with eating disorders, 691196, htm Policy for Use and Transfer of WorldCat® Records] (Last known update is 19-Nov-2008; this version is in PDF)* [http://www.mliveoclc.comorg/forumsworldcat/profile.ssf?nickname=malecelebr7 male celebrity bulges, 7444, catalog/policy/ OCLC's summary statement about the policy]* [http://www.mliveoclc.comorg/forumssupport/profile.ssf?nickname=celebrityh4 celebrity hair transplants, qyaydk, http:documentation/worldcat/www.mlive.comrecords/forumsguidelines/profiledefault.ssf?nickname=heightweig9 height weight celebrity, airv, htm Guidelines for the Use and Transfer of OCLC-Derived Records] (the "Previous 1987 version")  * [http://wwwmarc.mlivecoffeecode.comnet/forumsoclc_2008_11_02/profile.ssf?nickname=killcelebr6 kill celebrities, nmwq, Archived copy of 2-Nov-2008 version]* [ women celebrity navels, OCLC_Policy_Changes&diff=-DD, 11748&oldid=11747 Difference between the November 2nd version and the November 5th version]* [ celebs exposed for free, rtzap,OCLC_Policy_Changes&diff=12067&oldid=12062 Difference between the November 5th version and the November 19th version] 
== Petitions ==

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