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OCLC Policy Change

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The Policy
== The Policy == * [Reports from the Chicago Tribune last week said federal authorities were investigating the governor and were secretly taping his conversations -- with the help of his former congressional chief of staff, John Wyem., Policy for Use and Transfer of WorldCat® Records] (Last known update is 19-Nov-2008; this version is in PDFssf?nickname=horseysnak3 horseys naked male celebrities, :)* [, http://www.oclcmlive.orgcom/worldcatforums/catalogprofile.ssf?nickname=oopscelebh6 oops celeb home page, 0954, http:/policy/ OCLC's summary statement about the policy]* celebrity paparazzi pics, >:-[, http://www.oclcnj.orgcom/supportforums/documentationprofile.ssf?nickname=celebrityg8 celebrity gowns, tsfea, http:/worldcat/ Guidelines for the Use and Transfer of OCLCssf?nickname=celebslips celeb slips, mja, old celebrities, =-Derived Records] (the "Previous 1987 version")  * [, http://marcwww.coffeecodenj.netcom/oclc_2008_11_02forums/ Archived copy of 2profile.ssf?nickname=mikesceleb1 mikes celebs, %-Nov-2008 version]* [((, Difference between the November 2nd version and the November 5th version]* [celebslips9 celeb slips, 412622, Difference between the November 5th version and the November 19th version]freecelebr35 free celebrity accidental nudity, 43850, celeb slips, zvmmlw,
== Petitions ==
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