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WbctX4 <a href== Introduction == The Web is increasingly understood as a global information space consisting not just of linked documents, but also of Linked Data"http://xzpfzhruuyqk. The Linked Data principles provide com/">xzpfzhruuyqk</a basis for realizing this Web of Data>, or Semantic Web. Since early 2007 numerous data sets have been published on the Web according to these principles, in domains as broad as music, books, geographical information, films, people, events, reviews and photos. In combination these data sets consist of over 2 billion RDF triples, interlinked by more than 3 million triples that cross data sets. As this Web of Linked Data continues to grow, and an increasing number of applications are developed that exploit these data sets, there is a growing need for data publishers, researchers, developers and Web practitioners to understand Linked Data principles and practice. This tutorial will address those needs, and provide participants with a solid foundation from which to begin publishing Linked Data on the Web, as well as to implement applications that consume Linked Data from the Web. The tutorial will also draw heavily from material used workshops at previous Linked Data workshops at the [url=http://eventsvzsqjglvthyh.linkeddata.orgcom/ldow2008]vzsqjglvthyh[/ W3Curl] and the , [link=http://eventsdrtoehourkob.linkeddata.orgcom/iswc2008tutorial]drtoehourkob[/ International Semantic Web Conferencelink],
== Aims and Overview ==
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