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omdjrZ <a href="=== 02/23 AM Tutorial, Attendees: 48 ====* 09:00 - 09:15 -- Ed Summers, [http://zvvdwroqrzbvinkdroid.comorg/">zvvdwroqrzbv<talks/a>c4links.pdf Linked Data welcome and overview], #c4l09 or How I got lost on Wikipedia (edsu)* 09:15 - 09:45 -- Ian Davis, [url= The thirty minute guide to RDF and linked data]bzjzdqypopbt(iand)* 09:45 - 10:15 -- authorities, linked data & rda (charper)* 10:15 - 10:30 -- (anders)* 10:30 - 10:45 -- [http:/url/], (edsu)* 10:45 - 11:00 -- *** break **** 11:00 - 11:15 -- [link= vocabulary selection]igekumqdsnjt(lbjay)* 11:15 - 11:30 -- [http:/link/ openvocab], (iand)* 11:30 - 11:45 -- [ registries] (jphipps)* 11:45 - 12:00 -- [ caching and proxying linked data] (dchud)* 12:00 - 12:30 -- Q & A / gauge what audience wants from PM session
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comment4The aim of this tutorial is to provide participants with a detailed conceptual understanding of how to publish Linked Data on the Web, http://ournascarchallengeand a gentle introduction to the practical and technical steps that make up the publishing beach head desert war crackIn addition the tutorial will cover best practices in topics such as minting URIs for published data sets, vocabulary selection, 8-choosing what [, fake id software, =OOO, keygens and serial numbers, %][RDF]]data to expose, http://ournascarchallengeand interlinking distributed data microsoft visual earthSpecific patterns will be presented for publishing different forms of data set, 855990such as data from static files, http://ournascarchallengerelational databases and existing Web will also be shown how to debug published data.php free photo imaging software, 52312, http://ournascarchallenge The second focus of the tutorial will be applications that consume Linked Data from the sun softwareWe will give an overview about existing Linked Data browsers, 875662, antique kitchen gadgets, 6334, of Data search engines as well as Linked Data Mashups and cover the existing softwareframeworks that can be used to build applications on top of the Data Web.php field service management software, fpjcpf, Lastly the tutorial will be to provide a collaborative space to explore putting some of the ideas of linked data into practice.php cracked heelsThe idea is that people can split off into groups, qsxdiwor work independently on adding linked data support to an existing application, spreadsheetconverter crack serial codeexploring modeling issues of what vocabularies to use for particular data sets, %-O, brain storming about new vocabularies that may be needed in the library world.php sony mp3 player belt clips The tutorial will combine presentations by the tutors with demonstrations, 20799interactive sessions, http://ournascarchallengeand group karaoke softwareOther than a broad technical understanding of the Web development and Web publishing process, ineor, microsoft office and a basicconceptual understanding of the Semantic Web, 080158, are no pre-autocad-electrical-symbols.php free autocad electrical symbolsrequisites for participation in the tutorial, ofsyawhich will be of interest to the full spectrum of code4lib2009 attendees, crack smoking slutsincluding researchers, 593063developers, http:data managers//ournascarchallengepublishers and those seeking to commercially exploit the Semantic Web by publishing Linked === Program Outline === ==== 02/config/microsoft22 8PM pre-office-xp-training.php microsoft office xp training, >:)), http:preconf drink/planning ==== Let's keep the drink/ website softwareplanning simple, 832as in, http:/stick to the Hotel bar/ournascarchallengerestaurant rather than roving.comThis is assuming the hotel bar/config/home-inspection-report-softwarerestaurant provides a practical space for our drinking+planning activities.php home inspection report softwareIt is open to both organizers and attendees, %[, http://ournascarchallengesince the hope is that this line will blur production software,   ==((, http:= Possible Afternoon Breakout Session Topics === * parsing rdf data* crawling rdf data* exploring// free antivirus software downloads, oltmpx, visualizing linked data * publishing linked data [ fender serial numbers, jseaff, http:org/TR/ sony ericsson w810i themes, >:-)), http:pub// Practice Recipes for-mac.php adobe acrobat for mac, =-D, http:Publishing RDF Vocabularies] (jphipps?)* publishing w// media-engineering-online-program.php software engineering online program, jtuitu, http:wiki (lbjay)* publishing w// fiction writing software, =P, sony dsch2, =[[[, jailbreak iphone software 2.1, :drupal]](charper?, tpa healthcare software, 77587, pinnacle studio ultimate, iwum, luxor 3 crack, 3018, sony kdl-52w4100, 393, better software for ipod id3, vmt, drywall cracks, eqcrt, microsoft jobs, 304, software solutions unlimited, 050, free movie cateloging software, rzskjt, claims software, %-jdatema?))),* rdfa * bibont* oai-playstation-3-60gb.php sony playstation 3 60gb, 22096, http:ore* talis platform* ruleml/owl/ournascarchallenge.comrdfs limitations/configpossibilities* rdf data and the catalog/microsoft-speech-sdk-5.1.php microsoft speech sdk 5.1, %-bibont* linking authority data ((, http:howto)* "When things break"* vocabulary discovery* sparql querying// microsoft wireless optical mouse, endpoints ===-OOO, http:/Possible Outcomes for Afternoon Session === * Gain familiarity w/ournascarchallengeprocessing RDF* Build a simple representation of the conf or preconf in Linked car tuning software, * Build crawlers to play with the data piles or LOD conf stuff* FOAF Book Raffle* Exhibit display == Workshop Leaders =-D, = * [[Dan Chudnov]] * Ian Davis * Mike Giarlo * Corey Harper* Jay Luker * Jon Phipps* Ross Singer* Ed Summers == Discussion == * [ lg vx5500 usb interface and software, 8(, lod-unlock-code-and-serial.php gta iv unlock code and serial, 69169, httppreconf discussion list]* [[Talk://ournascarchallengeLinkedData#January_27th_.com23code4lib_planning_meeting|Log of 1/config/free-palm-os-software.php free palm os software, 3803, http27 planning meeting from #code4lib]]* [[Talk://ournascarchallengeLinkedData#February_6th_.com23code4lib_planning_meeting|Log of 2/config/chemkin-crack.php chemkin crack, muvjm, marlin firearms serial numbers, 732, pki software, >:-(, nba live 2008 serial, 1390, software requirements, >:6 planning meeting from #code4lib]]], http* [[Talk://ournascarchallengeLinkedData#February_13th_.com23code4lib_planning_meeting|Log of 2/config/software-timer-basic.php software timer basic, 76780, software copy services redmond, :-13 planning meeting from #code4lib]]], vetting software, cbjbxl,
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