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2013 talks proposals

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Along the way, hopefully you’ll learn a little about why you might (or might not) want to use Google Analytics event tracking yourself and see some interesting catalog usage stats.
== Actions speak louder than words: Analyzing large-scale query logs to improve the research experience ==
* Raman Chandrasekar, Serials Solutions, Raman DOT Chandrasekar AT serialssolutions DOT com
* Ted Diamond, Serials Solutions, Ted DOT Diamond AT serialssolutions DOT com
Analyzing anonymized query and click through logs leads to a better understanding of user behaviors and intents and provides great opportunities to respond to users with an improved search experience. A large-scale provider of SaaS services, Serials Solutions is uniquely positioned to learn from the dataset of queries aggregated from the Summon service generated by millions of users at hundreds of libraries around the globe.
In this session, we will describe our Relevance Metrics Framework and provide examples of insights gained and surprises encountered during its development and implementation. We will also cover recent product changes inspired by these insights. Chandra and Ted, from the Summon dev team, will share learnings from this ongoing process and highlight how analysis of large-scale query logs helps improve the academic research experience.

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