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2013 talks proposals

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proposal from Megan O'Neill at Albion College
In this session, we will describe our Relevance Metrics Framework and provide examples of insights gained and surprises encountered during its development and implementation. We will also cover recent product changes inspired by these insights. Chandra and Ted, from the Summon dev team, will share learnings from this ongoing process and highlight how analysis of large-scale query logs helps improve the academic research experience.
== Supporting Gaming in the College Classroom ==
*Megan O'Neill, Albion College, moneill AT albion DOT edu
Faculty are increasingly interested both in teaching with games and with gamifying their courses. Introducing digital games and game support for faculty through the library makes a lot of sense, but it comes with a thorny set of issues. This talk will discuss our library's initial steps toward creating a digital gamerspace and game support infrastructure in the library, including:
-The scope and acquisitions decisions that make the most sense for us, and
-Some difficulties we've discovered in trying to get our collection, physical- , digital- and head-space, and infrastructure up and going.
There will also be an extremely brief overview of WHY we decided to teach with games and to support gamification, what (if anything) to do about mobile gaming, and where games in education might be going.

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