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2013 talks proposals

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Primo / Blackboard Plugin Adaptor Development at Northwestern
* Michael North, Northwestern University Libraries,
Northwestern Library desired to partner with other departments around campus and since the two most visited websites on campus are the Blackboard Course Management System (CMS) site and the Library Discovery Webpage (powered by Primo), a collaborative project here was an obvious choice.  This resulted in a collaborative project (using Java, API's, x-services) that was successful in integrating the Primo resource records, and e-Shelf folders, with Blackboard's Course Documents webpages for faculty to use in organizing student's study resources. First we developed a "push" feature used to push individual resources from Primo "into" Blackboard. This is a static link . Second, we created a "pull" feature whereby an entire Primo e-Shelf folder (containing sub-folders and resource records) can be pulled "into" Blackboard. This is a dynamic link. This results in the Blackboard Course Documents page having Primo functionality with either dynamic or static resource links.  This session will share an overview of the project and the technical hurdles that needed to be overcome to combine functionality between two major academically used application products.

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