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2013 talks proposals

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This session will share an overview of the project and the technical hurdles that needed to be overcome to combine functionality between two major academically used application products.
== Relishing Quality Assurance Testing with Cucumber ==
*Joseph Dalton, The New York Public Library, josephdalton AT nypl DOT org
Libraries are usually, and sometimes emphatically so, not profit-driven institutions. But this doesn't have to mean that there isn't a valid role for software quality assurance within our own development environments. We've all heard "any test is better than no tests at all," but how do we effectively encourage our institutions to embrace a test-driven development path and quality-assurance testing when, unlike businesses, our organizations generally aren't tasked with obvious quality-drivers like generating a profit, ROI, etc?
For those starting on a test-driven development path, the plethora of options for QA testing can also be overwhelming, ranging from writing user stories and simple acceptance tests, to running automated tests with Cucumber and Gherkin (and optionally making these more visible to stakeholders with Relish), to utilizing complex, enterprise-level tools like Quality Center to model business processes.
In this presentation I'll discuss some of the steps the New York Public Library has recently taken to define and develop a QA/Testing framework, in the context of the Library's recent adoption of Agile development practices for its Digital Repository and other project teams.

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