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Umlaut Deployment

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Setting up mongrel_cluster
The point of mongrel_cluster is to save configuration information for multiple mongrel instances in one configuration file, and then you can start, stop, or restart them all with one command, and without having to remember that config information each time (and possibly get it wrong or typod).
By default, mongrel_cluster keeps that configuration file in a Rails app's config/mongrel_cluster.yml. You could do that with Umlaut, but we like to keep your local config files in $Umlaut/config/umlaut_config instead (see [[Umlaut Local Configuration Architecture]]), so we recommend putting it in $Umlaut/config/umlaut_config. You can use the mongrel_rails command to write this config for you (see [ MongrelCluster Using Mongrel Cluster]; make sure to use the -C argument to put the config file in umlaut_config, if that's what you want), but here we'll just give you our actual mongrel_cluster.yml config, annotated. (You are certainly allowed to write it by hand).

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