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Umlaut Deployment

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Turns out there are several possible deploy environments for a Rails application. There is not necessarily one standard or best one at the moment, different people use different ones in different circumstances.
Jonathan Rochkind at Hopkins uses mongrel, mongrel_cluster and Apache mod_proxy and mod_proxy_balancer on a unix system for his deploy environment. He went down this road because it was what was recommended by the [ Rails Agile Development book]. We may explore other deploy enviroments (such as 'passenger') in the future. We would definitely not be optimistic about running Umlaut on Windows.*Lately mod_rails/Passenger is clearly the preferred Rails deployment in general, and jrochkind wants to find time to set it up and test it, but hasn't yet.*
Since jrochkind is writing this documentation, he can only tell you how to do it how he did. You do need to have a verison of Apache that includes mod_proxy_balancer (> apache 2.2? ), but if you do, jrochkind is fairly happy with the solution.
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