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2010talks Submissions

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* Sebastian Ryszard Kruk, Knowledge Hives,
* Jodi Schneider, DERI NUI Galway, jodi.schneiderjschneider@deripobox.orgcom
'''Abstract of no more than 500 words:'''
We will tell about the idea of binding together semantics coming from two sources: legacy, well-crafted annotations provided by librarians, and less organized/structured annotations provided by the community of library users. We will present <a href="">JeromeDL system </a> that enables users to provide and manage such annotations; it also implements a number of information discovery solutions that utilize these combined annotations, including collaborative browsing, natural language query templates and collaborative filtering. We will also talk about a vocabulary service used by JeromeDL that encourages users to provide more meaningful annotations than just tags. Finally, we will show how JeromeDL-based libraries contribute to the Web 3.0 linked data by utilizing standard vocabularies, such as SIOC, FOAF, and WordNet, and publishing RDF description of library content.

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