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2010talks Submissions

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Submissions for 20-Minute Talk Slots
'''Talk Title:'''
Controlling the flood: Re-plumbing fittings between a New Titles List and other services with Yahoo! Pipes.
'''Speaker name(s), affiliation(s), and email address(es):'''
Jon Gorman, University of Illinois,
'''Abstract of no more than 500 words:'''
About four years ago the University of Illinois decided to create a New Titles service ( that could provide RSS feeds. At the time a balance was struck between complexity of options and limited development time. Currently a feed is created by adding options, each option narrowing the scope of a feed. Selecting a date range, Unit Library and a call number range will retrieve material that match all three of the criteria. It was hoped that at some point a generic tool would be able to further manipulate and combine feeds produced by the simple options to customize very specific feed. Yahoo! Pipes has emerged to fill that niche.
The talk will cover pipes that range from filter for a keyword in one feed to combining the New Titles List with services like the LibraryThing API or Worldcat APIs. Examples will also be given in how to integrate the output of Yahoo! Pipes into webpages and how we have put them into our CMS (OpenCMS). The talk will make sure to address areas where Yahoo! Pipes either fails or is cumbersome and simpler CSS and Javascript solutions have worked.

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