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2010talks Submissions

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Submissions for 20-Minute Talk Slots
Developers need to be able to write software and deploy it, and often require cutting edge software tools and system libraries. Sysadmins are
charged with maintaining stability in the production environment, and so are often resistant to rapid upgrade cycles. This has traditionally pitted us against each other, but it doesn't have to be that way. Using tools like puppet for maintaining and testing server configuration, nagios for monitoring, and hudson for continuous code integration, UVA has brokered a peace that has given us the ability to maintain stable production environment with a rapid upgrade cycle. I'll discuss both the individual tools, our server configuration, and the social engineering that got us here.
'''Talk Title:'''
Building customizable themes for DSpace
'''Speaker name(s), affiliation(s), and email address(es):'''
Elias Tzoc, Miami University of Ohio,
'''Abstract of no more than 500 words:'''
The popularity of DSpace (should I say DuraSpace?) continues to grow!
Many universities and research institutions are using DSpace to create and provide access to digital content –including documents, images, audio, and video. With the variety of content, one of the challenges is “how to create customizable themes for different types of content?”
In 2007, Manakin was developed as a user interface for DSpace based on themes. Now users have the ability to customize the web interface for DSpace collections by editing CSS, XML, and XSLT files. Best of all, a singular theme can be applied to individual communities, collections or items.
This talk will be based on my work creating themes for DSpace, as well as tips & tricks for customizing the look-and-feel for individual communities and collections.
Who knows, maybe someday a group of code4lib developers can create a whole library of themes for DuraSpace –similar to the WordPress or Drupal theme idea!
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