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2010talks Submissions

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Implementing Metasearch with Masterkey: Filling out Metasearch/Unified-Index proposal
Your system can interact with common vocabularies such as LCSH and MESH via the central HIVE server, or you can install a local copy of HIVE with your own custom set of vocabularies. This talk will give an overview of the current features of HIVE and describe how to build tools that use the HIVE services.
== Implementing Metasearch and a Unified Index with Masterkey ==
* [[User:DataGazetteer|Peter Murray]], OhioLINK, Index Data's suite of metasearch and local indexing tools under the product name Masterkey are a powerful way to provide access to a diverse set of databases. In 2009, OhioLINK contracted with Index Data to help build a new metasearch platform and a unified index of locally-loaded records.  By the time conference rolls around, the user interface and the metasearch infrastructure will be set up and live. This part of the presentation will dive into the innards of the AJAX-powered end-user interface, the configuration back-end, and possibly a view of the Gecko-driven Index Data Connector Framework. It is hard to predict at the point this talk is being proposed what the state of the unified index will be. At the very least, there will be broad system diagrams and a description of how intend to eventually bring 250 million records into one index. With luck, there might even be running code to show.
== Adding Solr-based Search to Evergreen's OPAC ==

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