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2010talks Submissions

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JeromeDL - an open source social semantic digital library
* Jodi Schneider, DERI NUI Galway,
We will tell about the idea of binding together JeromeDL is an e-library with semantics coming from two sources. A fully functional digital library, JeromeDL uses linked data: legacy using standard "Web3.0" vocabularies such as SIOC, well-crafted annotations provided by librariansFOAF, and less organized/structured annotations provided by the community WordNet, JeromeDL publishes RDF descriptions of the e-library userscontents. We will present <a href="">JeromeDL system</a> that enables users Jerome DL uses FOAF to provide and manage such annotations; it also implements a number of information discovery solutions users--meaning that utilize these combined access privileges can be naturally assigned to a social network, in addition to individuals or all WWW users. Users can also share annotations, including promoting collaborative browsing, natural language query templates and collaborative filtering. We will also talk about a vocabulary service used by JeromeDL that encourages To encourage users to provide more meaningful annotations than (beyond just tags. Finally), we will show how JeromeDLuses a WordNet-based libraries contribute to vocabulary service. The system also leverages full-text indexing with Lucene and allows filtering with the Web 3SIMILE project's Exhibit.0 linked data by utilizing standard vocabulariesIn short, such as SIOCJeromeDL is a social semantic digital library--allowing users to collect, FOAFpublish, and WordNet, and publishing RDF description of share their library contentwith their social network on the semantic web.
*[ JeromeDL homepage]
*[ JeromeDL demo site]
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