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I will talk about the solution, challenges, standards and how workflow, governance, state, and policy are stored and manipulated as content on digital objects.
== Forging Connections: Current uses of SRU ==
* T. Michael Silver, MLIS Student at the University of Alberta,
Search / Retrieve via URL (SRU) has been touted as the next generation of the Z39.50 protocol. Its use of HTTP communication and XML data formats were designed to allow greater integration with other online resources. In October and November 2009, I interviewed seven SRU administrators from libraries, not-for-profit and for-profit organizations to gain insights into their experiences with the protocol.
The results from this small study show that SRU is being used as more than a replacement for Z39.50. Instead, it is also being used to create connections between information resources and users by leveraging the protocol’s use of web standards. My presentation will focus on reporting the topics which emerged during the interviews, ranging from the history and future of information retrieval to differing views on SRU’s relationship with federated search, OpenSearch and other web protocols.
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