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2010talks Submissions

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The results from this small study show that SRU is being used as more than a replacement for Z39.50. Instead, it is also being used to create connections between information resources and users by leveraging the protocol’s use of web standards. My presentation will focus on reporting the topics which emerged during the interviews, ranging from the history and future of information retrieval to differing views on SRU’s relationship with federated search, OpenSearch and other web protocols.
==Extending EZProxy for Fun and Profit==
* Brice Stacey, University of Massachusetts Boston,
EZProxy is much more than just an authentication tool for remote access to library resources. As middleware between electronic resources and patrons, EZProxy is the the backbone from which many applications may be built. Potential uses include monitoring resource use to enhance collection development decisions, injecting context-sensitive information and links to tutorials in a branded toolbar for the duration of a session, and using EZProxy as a single sign-on server. These three ideas alone could streamline the user experience, allow for more granular library instruction and increase awareness of what is actually important to users.
In this session I'd also like to initiate a discussion about the creation of a collaborative site for EZProxy administrators. The proposed site would feature a private workspace to manage EZProxy configurations, drawn from a public repository of database definitions and authentication schemes. Additionally, the site would be an ideal environment for developing additional applications as described above.
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