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2010talks Submissions

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Micro Library Apps: Building library functionality into the Google Gadget platform
We'll talk through the anatomy of a Google Gadget, the possibilities for the API and its use in library settings, and the XML, Javascript, HTML, and occasional PHP that make it go.
== Can't We All Just Get Along? ==
* Ryan Scherle, National Evolutionary Synthesis Center,
One of the greatest challenges of a large project is bringing together people from different traditions and getting them to work together. Most Code4Lib attendees are accustomed to working with a team of librarians, technologists, and subject specialists. Working with teams from other institutions and other disciplines increases the level of complexity, particularly when some teams have a history of maintaining their own discipline-specific technology solutions.
[ DataONE] is a collaborative repository of scientific data being developed by a group of more than 20 organizations. It will combine contents from a diverse set of scientific repositories, covering many disciplines, metadata schemes, and usage policies.
I will give an overview of the DataONE project and its technical architecture, focusing on the architectural design process and techniques for overcoming the differences between the participating repositories. I will also outline the steps required if you want to connect a new repository to the DataONE system.
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