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2010talks Submissions

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In this session I'd also like to initiate a discussion about the creation of a collaborative site for EZProxy administrators. The proposed site would feature a private workspace to manage EZProxy configurations, drawn from a public repository of database definitions and authentication schemes. Additionally, the site would be an ideal environment for developing additional applications as described above.
== Micro Library Apps: Building library functionality into the Google Gadget platform ==
* Jason A. Clark, Head of Digital Access and Web Services, Montana State University Libraries,
With implementations of the OpenSocial standard, complete functionality within Google Wave, and a huge user base actively using iGoogle, Google Gadgets and the Gadgets API can be used as an emerging platform for bite-sized pieces of library services and applications.
MSU Libraries has applied Google Gadget API technology to allow users to create their own dashboards or waves filled with library content modules. In this session we will demonstrate a wide range of gadgetry including, but not limited to: tabbed gateway searching of catalogs and databases, flash-animated library subject maps, a customized database gateway, a digital collections app gadget, a feed aggregator for library data streams, and a gadget for campus maps and street views.
We'll talk through the anatomy of a Google Gadget, the possibilities for the API and its use in library settings, and the XML, Javascript, HTML, and occasional PHP that make it go.
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