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2014 Prepared Talk Proposals

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The goal of the presentation is to provide both developers and content creators with information on simple, practical ways to make web content and web services more accessible. However, rather than thinking about putting in extra effort or making adjustment for those with disabilities, I want to help people think about how to make their websites more accessible for all users through universal web design.
== Personalize your Google Analytics Data with Custom Events and Variables ==
[ Josh Wilson], Systems Integration Librarian, State Library of North Carolina -
At the State Library of North Carolina, we had more specific questions about the use of our digital collections than standard GA could provide. A few implementations of custom events and custom variables later, we have our answers.
I'll demonstrate how these analytics add-ons work, and why implementation can sometimes be more complicated than just adding a few lines of JavaScript to your ga.js. I'll discuss some specific examples in use at the SLNC:
* Capturing the content of specific metadata fields in CONTENTdm as Custom Events
* Recording Drupal taxonomy terms as Custom Variables
In both instances, this data deepened our understanding of how our sites and collections were being used, and in turn, we were able to report usage more accurately to content contributors and other stakeholders.
[ GA Custom Events] | [ GA Custom Variables]

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