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2014 Prepared Talk Proposals

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== Behold Fedora 4: The Incredible Shrinking Repository! ==
Esmé Cowles, UC San Diego Library. Previous talk: [ All Teh Metadatas Re-Revisited] (2013)
* One repository contains untold numbers of digital objects and powers many Hydra and Islandora apps
* It speaks RDF, but contains no triplestore! (triplestores sold separately, SPARQL Update may be involved, some restrictions apply)
* Flexible enough to tie itself in knots implementing storage and access control policies
* Witness feats of strength and scalability, with dramatically increased performance and clustering
* Plumb the depths of bottomless hierarchies, and marvel at the metadata woven into the very fabric of the repository
* Ponder the paradox of ingesting large files by not ingesting them
* Be amazed as Fedora 4 swallows other systems whole (including Fedora 3 repositories)
* Watch novice developers setup Fedora 4 from scratch, with just a handful of incantations to Git and Maven
The Fedora Commons Repository is the foundation of many digital collections, e-research, digital library, archives, digital preservation, institutional repository and open access publishing systems. This talk will focus on how Fedora 4 improves core repository functionality, adds new features, maintains backwards compatibility, and addresses the shortcomings of Fedora 3.

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