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2014 Prepared Talk Proposals

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== Using Open Source Software and Freeware to Preserve and Deliver Digital Videos ==
*Wei Fang, Head of Digital Services, Rutgers University Law Library
*Jiebei Luo, Digital Projects Initiative Intern, Rutgers University
*No previous C4L presentations
The Rutgers University Law Library is the official digital repository of the New Jersey Supreme Court oral arguments since 2002. This large video collection contains approximately 3,000 videos with a total of 400 GB or 6,000 viewing hours. With the expansion of this collection, the existing database and the static website could not efficiently support the library’s daily operations and meet its patrons’ search needs.
By utilizing open source software and freeware such as Ubuntu, FFmpeg, Solr and Drupal, the library is able to develop a complete solution to re-encoding videos, embedding subtitles, incorporating Solr search engine and content management system to support full-text subtitle search, automatically updating video metadata records in the library catalog system and eventually providing a plug-in free HTML 5-based Web interface for patrons to view the videos online.
The aspects below will be presented in detail at the conference:
* Video codecs comparison
* Server-end batch video encoding/re-encoding
* HTML 5 video tag and embedding subtitles
* Incorporating search engine Solr and content management tool Drupal with the database to retrieve videos by full-text search especially in subtitle files
* Incorporating video metadata with the library catalog system

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