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2014 Prepared Talk Proposals

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== Good!, DRY, and Dynamic: Content Strategy for Libraries (Especially the Big OneOnes) ==
*Michael Schofield (, Nova Southeastern University Libraries,
*No previous code4lib presentations.
We were already feeling this crunch when we decided to further complicate the Nova Southeastern University Libraries by splitting the main library website into two. The Alvin Sherman Library, Research, and Information Technology Center is a unique joint-use facility that serves not only the academic community but the public of Broward County - and marketing a hyperblend of content through one portal just wasn't cutting it. With a web team of two, we knew that managing all this rehashed, disparate content was totally unsustainable.
I want to share in this talk how I went about making our library content DRY (“don’t repeat yourself”): input content in one place—blurbsplace--blurbs, policies, featured events, featured databases, book reviews, business hours, etcand so on.—and --and syndicate it everywhere and sometimes - even , sometimes, dynamically targeted to target that content for specific audiencesor context. It is a presentation that is a little about workflow, a little more about browser and context detection, a tangent about content-modeling the CMS, and a lot about APIs, syndication, and performance.
== No code, no root, no problem? Adventures in SaaS and library discovery ==

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