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2014 Breakout II (Wednesday)

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UX: initial commit
Magnolia I''Notes by @erinrwhite again. Y'all cannot escape me'' NCSU's UX department is cross-functional and has members from across departments. Looking at creating cross-channel experiences from digital to real life. Working on consistency across experiences. Expanded on UMich's UX department to create a UX research team. Research: the NCSU does a research project every month. NCSU is also training new library fellows to infuse User Experience work into their projects. Growing the culture of UX within the organization. ===Process=== How do you work in harmony with a dev team when sometimes the UX team can be the roadblock to development? Need to get a workflow that works so that everyone can move quickly.  UXing web pages vs. entire web applications: they're totally different experiences so need different approaches to user experience evaluation. ===Research=== Guerrilla research: go out into the public spaces of your library to test prototypes or design ideas. Make it quick. User research doesn't have to be a huge deal.  If you can't give money as remuneration, give 'em candy bars. But make the candy bars full-size, not the minis.  ===Librarians are users too...right?=== How do we push back against librarians' assertions that pages/interfaces should look a certain way? Research with users can *sometimes* help. Need to communicate your evidence to your library. UT hired someone last year just to do IT communication (!).  Numbers don't always work. Need a visual tool if possible (i.e. a heatmap). If you can compile a video or audio of user interviews or usability testing, that can be very powerful. ===Resources=== Recommendation: 37Signals' book [ Getting Real] on helping choose things that are/aren't important and moving on. ===Publish your damn work!=== As a community, we need to get better about sharing our work with each other so we don't have to keep reinventing the wheel.
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