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2014 Breakout II (Wednesday)

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added notes for Digital Preservation breakout
As a community, we need to get better about sharing our work with each other so we don't have to keep reinventing the wheel.
==Securing easy proxyEZproxy==
Mag II
Willow Oak
in ballroom
==OCLC institution RDF project==
in ballroom
== Digital Preservation ==
Cost issues, billing departments, charging grant projects one-time vs. multiple
Internal vs. external hosting
Trusted Digital Repository, TRAC, ISO standard
Geographic distribution, what does that actually mean
? who is using checksums and how often they are verifying
<br/>UNC - make sure checksums checked every quarter, throttle/stagger checking
? Has anyone had checksum checks fail?
<br/>only time is user error, checking wrong one, files are changed after initial checksum
video - frame-level checksum, part of ffmpeg, make frame level information and checksum that
? how much code/time is done to check on problems with checksums?
<br/>manual vs. auto repair, prefer manual intervention
how often to check tapes, without further damaging tape
for testing, there's a tool that will flip bits
<br/>disaster recovery testing
<br/>hesitance to test/break files on production
ZFS, self-healing filesystem, replication (worried about replicating checksum errors)
? about viruses, malicious scripts
<br/>UNC runs ClamAV on everything, does make sure everyone is authorized user
AV Artifact Atlas - visual glossary of damage types to a/v files
tape backup of everything can take too long to run (days)
<br/>rely on multiple copies of objects on disk
format migrations - no one has really done it yet
<br/>archivematica wiki is great resource
normalization on ingest
<br/>emulation as a service - possible collaboration in community
<br/>internet archive emulation service using javascript/jsmess
=== Major issues for Digital Preservation ===
* storage (terabytes coming in each year, no cost-effective solutions for growing needs)
* staffing (for smaller institutions)
* funding model/sustainability (some charge for services, some funding by Campus IT)
** research data, grants, data management planning tool
** how long can we offer to store files
** trying to convince Provost that library storage is like library shelf space and needs to be funded
** split funding, from graduate schools or president's office
* some work on service level agreements, tiers of service
* file retrievals may not be tracked anywhere, if so can't tell what hasn't been retrieved
NDSA Levels of Preservation -

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