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2014 Breakout I (Tuesday)

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==Code4lib Conference Documentation==
We discussed the ways in which the lack of historical data make proposing to host the conference difficult. Code4libbers must convince their employer to take on financial responsibility. This does not mean the host pays. In fact, each conference has had a surplus. But a corporate institution is needed to sign the contracts with the venues and services used by the conference. Employers need convincing that the event will not be a huge cost nor a burden on the business office. To convince the administrators, a historical record of past conferences would be immensely helpful.
We discussed several data points that would be useful. Some of these include
* expected and final budgets
* total attendance
* hotel room reservation block size and % of expected size actually used
* food costs, food expectations and % of food actually consumed
* etc.
We plan to begin storing these kinds of data on the code4lib wiki for future planners to use.
Some other documentation that we also plan to add to the wiki:
* Conference Planning Committee Post-mortem (Raleigh group already started this trend with the "Lessons Learned" post)
* explanation of what it's like to work with a 3rd party event planner (Concentra), such as:
** how money flows between attendees, sponsors, host, awardees, and concentra
** what are the benefits of working with a 3rd party planner?
* examples of MOUs between multiple host institutions
Some action items:
* finish documenting this year's conference (Tim et al.)
* attempt to collect historical budgets if they still exist (Josh & Rosy)
* organize existing data on the wiki (?)

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