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2014 Breakout II (Wednesday)

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BIBFRAME 2 & Linked Data
==BIBFRAME 2 & Linked Data==
Notes based off Tweets made by group during the session: Starting comment: This is the year of testers, early implementers, of BIBFRAME. Questions:*How to get from MARC to BIBFRAME? Request to explain tools, scripts.*Issues with linking different ontologies to building linked data networks, SKOS brought up, being discussed *How do people feel about the concept of event? being discussed *When do we have to switch? When will the vendors build applications in BallroomBIBFRAME so then libraries can follow?*How far does Bibframe extend, and when do you say this is no longer Bibframe's job? *How do people feel about the concept of event? *Explain Place, dates, agents as three attributes? **Discussing expressions versus works (making expression into relationships) **Model: Works, Instances, with relationships between Works that has expression **Brief mention of Named entity extraction work for finding these attributes  Pros:*What happens when you link to an ontology, then it changes? URIs play the important role here.*VIVO Project shout out!*Example of a collection put through BIBFRAME from A&M *Group member transcribed records from MARC to BIBFRAME had their *SERIES* records come out correctly *Variances of cataloging practices will also be a huge issue as well for transcribing records* Member of group: experiences w/transcribing MARC to BIBFRAME records: two tools, they didn't give the same output  Concerns:*Battles lines have been drawn: discussing Dublin Core and it's simplicity (good? bad?)*Music cataloging in FRBR and BIBFRAME being discussed now - diving the deep end *Locally, we choose, self-select ontologies we need. But if we want more exposure for data, need to explain, share.*Going from catalogers to metadata librarians in an institutional level, trying to start retrain people now.*Creating an entire ontology for all of human history would be overwhelming :**Response to this concern about ontologies: 'But an ontology is domain knowledge, it takes multiple domains/ontologies to cover all of human history'
==Unusual searches & long searches==

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