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2014 Breakout II (Wednesday)

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Tech service
Mag II
==Tech serviceservices==(Pine Oak) We shared projects, challenges, and areas of interest *Linked data for acquisitions info and the Global Open Knowledgebase*Changing roles for catalogers -- description of unique resources, data extraction and manipulation, linked data*ILS migrations*Managing multiple systems and silos (ERM, ILS, ERP, archives)*Managing DDA (demand driven acquisitions)*Skills for catalogers -- computational thinking*Trends toward fewer professional librarians in tech services*Accepting ambiguity*CORAL open source ERM A few discussion topics emerged '''Ticketing systems''' *We use different ones -- mostly we get whatever our IT department already has*Helpful for representing electronic resources -- there's no physical presence to remind you to do the work*Helpful for metrics*One barrier to use can be training others to use the systems rather than contacting an individual directly '''DDA''' *A lot of people have to be involved -- collections, tech services, IT*Duplicate records between existing collection and DDA records -- we don't always realize where duplication exists*People want to be able to activate DDA records in their e-resources knowledgebase -- ideally we'd have our book jobber help with updating the kb*Important to a have a good vendor rep*We weren't able to understand the entire process at the start -- every step was like a new discovery*A challenge is getting quality records and identifying records that need additional work '''MARC record services -- how do you evaluate quality?''' *For ebooks, they can be really bad*Many people are using MARC edit to do batch processing of records, find things that need to be fixed*Suggested use of regular expressions to pull things out of leader field*Another common practice is to use various methods to convert MARC records to Excel and look at errors there*Some of us are using OpenRefine to find problems*Some of us are becoming more error tolerant, but the cool stuff that people do is dependent on good data

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