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2015 Invited Speakers Nominations

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==Selena Deckelmann==
Selena Deckelmann lives in Portland, and is a [ major contributor to PostgreSQL ] and a data architect at Mozilla. She’s been involved with free and open source software since 1995 and began running conferences for PostgreSQL in 2007. In 2012, she founded [ PyLadiesPDX], a portland chapter of [ PyLadies]. She's one founded [ Open Source Bridge], [ Postgres Open] and speaks internationally about open source, databases and community. You can find her on twitter ([ @selenamarie]) and on [ her blog]. She also [ keeps chickens] and gives a lot of The [ technical talks]. She was an advisor for two years to the [ Ada Initiative advisors], an organization dedicated to increasing the participation of women in open source and technology communities. She's a [ very experienced speaker] and looks like , you can view an interesting speaker (example of a recent talk here: [ Ignite Portland talk on election rigging in Nigeria]) It looks like she's on an [ email sabbatical] but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out how to get in touch with her. According to the internet, she also raises chickens.
[ Selena Deckelmann]
== Sally Deffor ==
From [ this page]: Sally Deffor works part-time as the Project Coordinator for the [ Open Data & Privacy project]. She is a former Google Policy Fellow who supported the development of some initiatives on Creative Commons, Open Access and OSS at the Kofi Annan ICT Centre. She has also worked as a communications specialist with the Tax Justice Network (Africa) and the USAID/ICFG (Ghana). She currently lives in Preston (UK) where she is finishing a PhD at UCLan, looking at the digital practices of online news-making. She also spends some time volunteering in her local community. You can find her on Twitter at [ @SDeffor].
[ Sally Deffor]
== Bess Sadler ==
Bess Sadler is the manager of a software engineering team at Stanford University Library. She writes open source software and spends a lot of time on Free and Open Source Software projects like [ Project Blacklight ] and [ Project Hydra], both of which she cofoundedbessShe was the co-chair of [ Electronic Information for Libraries—Free and Open Source Software] in 2008-2009. She is [ @stanfordeosadler] on You can read a few Ada Lovelace Day posts aboutBess Sadler [http: // here] and [http://www.ibiblioeifl.orgnet/bessnews/?page_id=2ada-lovelace-day-bess-sadler here].
==Dorothea Salo==

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