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2015 Invited Speakers Nominations

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== Bess Sadler ==
Bess Sadler is the manager of a software engineering team at Stanford University Library. She writes open source software and spends a lot of time on Free and Open Source Software projects like [ Project Blacklight] and [ Project Hydra], both of which she cofounded. She Bess Sadler was a [ 2010 Library Journal Mover and Shaker]. She also served as the co-chair of [ Electronic Information for Libraries—Free and Open Source Software] in 2008-2009. She is [ @eosadler] on twitter. You can read a few Ada Lovelace Day posts about Bess Sadler [ here] and [ here]. She maintains a [ blog] and is [ @eosadler] on Twitter. [ Bess Sadler]
==Dorothea Salo==

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